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Car shoppers looking for a top-quality pre-owned car near Plano will want to make C3Auto.com their first stop. C3Auto.com is able to extend our reach far beyond Plano, offering our impressive customer service experience to car shoppers across the country.

At C3Auto.com, car shoppers will find an impressive selection of high-quality used cars, trucks and crossovers. We keep our inventory well-stocked with a wide variety of vehicles to ensure we always offer the perfect car for our customers. C3Auto.com offers vehicles from dozens of manufacturers. We carry everything from efficient compacts, to comfortable sedans, to versatile crossovers and SUVs, to the best highline luxury imports.

The C3Auto.com team will work with you to find the ideal car that fits your needs as an owner and driver, and that fits within your budget. Get in touch with us to take advantage of the C3Auto.com car buying experience.


I bought a car from here 1 year from now and I am glad to say that the car still runs perfectly fine like when I first bought it and I use it as a ... daily driver. I was a first time car buyer and had been looking all over for about 6months but my only options were to get a brand new car or paying a ridiculous amount every 2 weeks until I came here. Walking in this dealership is as if you are walking into your relatives house because everyone treats you like family. I was able to get a nice car for a way affordable price and low monthly fee. Overall great customer service and great quality cars!!!! Highly recommend first time car buyers!!!
Miguel Garza
This review should serve as a testament to how these guys operate. With utmost integrity and honesty; I've never had such a nice experience with a ... vehicle dealer. The short version is that these guys will take care of you no matter how long ago they did business with you. They also live by their word of honesty and integrity. I purchased a vehicle from Larry and Mike May of this year, the vehicle they had bought passed post sale inspection (which they pay out of pocket for) and the inspector missed some mechanical issues that slipped by me and the guys at C3. The issue was hidden behind a shroud on the front end near the fans. After noticing an issue with the vehicles A/C, I took it to a Volkswagen dealership in speculation of a faulty manufacturer's part that was still under warranty. The dealer noticed some parts that had been in a minor collision but needed replacement. After getting the estimate from the dealer I immediately called C3 and explained the situation. With no hesitation the guys told me to bring my car over and they would handle it. Sure enough, Larry explained to me that their post sale inspection guys (who they pay a good price for) did not notice the issue and it slipped by them. Shortly after, he explained to me that as his customer he would take care of the situation. Larry arranged a loaner vehicle while he took my vehicle over to a certified mechanic to have the parts fixed and replaced. I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear him say that they would take care of the vehicle for me (the repair quote from the dealer was not cheap). The guys at C3 are really good, honest people, and I would definitely recommend going there for purchasing a vehicle. The vehicle I bought was also at an amazing price with the manufacturer's warranty still intact. Thanks again Larry and Mike! 2 year update: I decided that I wanted to sell my car and went to C3 to see if they would be interested. Larry remembered me and asked what they could do for me. C3 worked with me to work out a deal and I sold my car back to them. These guys are a pleasure to talk with and are still helping people with finding great vehicles at a great deal. They've moved to a bigger and nicer facility but are still the same good people they were when I met them. Thanks again C3!
Daniel Raherimanjato
We are very happy with c3auto and the vehicle that we purchased. These people were easy to work with, seamless out of state banking and the vehicle ... was as clean as brand-new.. we highly recommend this dealership for their professionalism and they were just really nice guy's... we will look to them for our next family vehicle...
Momentum Auto Restoration Services
Called about car I was interested in and there was no pressure about putting money down to hold it. Didn’t go over for two days and they never called ... and pressured me. When I did talk myself into driving over it was all ready for me to test. These guys are great. The car was not over priced and they still came down a couple hundred bucks. Filled the tank and I headed back to FTW stress free. Honest people. Been telling everyone waitress ‘s the works. Call them
Russ W
I worked with Brian on a vehicle that was perfect for me and my family but also absolutely at the peak of our budget. Also, don't live in the Plano ... area, so we had to deal almost entirely by phone. Brian allowed me to honestly tell him what I could do between bringing money to the table and getting value out of my current vehicle. I wanted to be conscious of what C3Auto needed to profit on the vehicle while also being forthright about our ability to make an offer. Brian and owner, Larry, were patient and not pressuring. They were clear about wanting my business AND understood my position. When they were able to work out a price we could do, I drove 6 hours to them (sandwiched around 4 hours sleep), not out of desperation, but because I wanted to honor the way they did business by getting money in their hands immediately. I had already told Brian earlier in our dealings that, even if we couldn't work it out, it had already been among my best experiences in shopping for a vehicle.
Grant Zellner

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